With a fetish for vampirism and a fetishier fetish for young girls, The Blood Countess of Hungary is the serial killer of your Twilight and True Blood dreams. Active between 1590 and 1609, the Countess is said to have killed over 600 adolescent women, awarding herself the title of the most prolific female murderer of all time. Engaged at 11 and married at 15, the Countess Elizabeth Bathory was a highly educated Hungarian noblewoman. She even found the time to become fluent in Latin, German, and Greek, and bear four children in between the mighty task of luring young girls to her castle on the promise of employment or education. After a busy day of beating, torturing, burning, abducting, and mutilating young women, Bathory enjoyed a relaxing bath in the blood of her victims. Protected by her noble standing, and in an effort to avoid further scandal, it was decided that Bathory would not stand trial. Escaping the death penalty, the Countess was instead kept under house (or rather castle arrest). It is said that this serial killer, much unlike her victims, died peacefully in her sleep.